Step to redeem Promotion Coupon-Promotion Packages

Step 1: Login User Account

Please login your user Account before you start your purchase. 

Step 2: Place Order-Promotion Package

This "Promotion" button is located at the same row of our Cupwater logo (top of the Home page,refer to the red circle).

Please take note that, all our Promotion Packages requires customer to make online payment on the spot through our online gateway Ipay88 before redeem your product.

Step 3: Promotion Package Page

Once you click on the "Promotion" Button, you will be divert to the promotion page which list down all our promotion packages. Now select your type of desired package (refer to the image, "Type of Promotion"). Once you select the the type of promotion package, you will divert to the page which list donw the type of packages. At this page, you can select your desired packages and quantity (please refer to the image, "Type of Package")

a. Type of Promotion


b. Type of Packages

Step 4: Payment 

Once you confirm the package and quamtity, you will be divert to our online payment gateway page (refer to first image, Ipay 88 page"), IPAY 88 to make payment. You can choose to pay through credit card, online transfer or ewallet. Once payment is success, you will be divert to a page which require you to redeem and manage delivery (refer to the second image, "Payment Sucessful")

a. Ipay 88 page

b. Payment Sucessful page

Step 5: Schedule Delivery

Once you clicko on the "Redeem & Schedule Now" Button, you will be divert to the Schedule Delivery page. Please choose your desired address and date .After that, please click on the "Proceed" button to proceed to the next page.

Step 6: Review Page & Redeem Coupon

At this page, you will see a "Redeem Coupon". Please key the Promotion Code according to the code you received.If the Promotion Coupon Code is correct, a pop out box will appear and request you to select your product. Once you have fill in all the information, you can check out. Order is done