Forgot Password/Reset Password

Forgot Password

Step 1: Forgot Password Button

Forgot Password function is located at top left hand side, just below the Resend Activation button.

Step 2: Key Username

After click on the "Forgot Password" button, you will see a page which require you to fill in the username. This Username is the name which registered during your first registration. Once your submit the username, you will be diverted to our Homepage with a notification, "Password Rest Email Sent". 

Step 3: Check Inbox

You will receive an email from Cupwater which requests you to click on the "Reset Password" button. After you click on the "Reset Button"you will be diverted again to our Homepage with a notification "New Password Sent to Your Email". Once you see this notication, you can go and check your Inbox.  

Step 4: Login and Change Password

Now you can login in your Account with the password provided by Cupwater. Once you login, you have to go to "My Profile" (located at the left hand side of the page) to change your new password. You can find change password function at the Profile Page-> Login Information. Just click on the Change Password button and you can key in your preferred new password. Next time, you can login with your own password.