Existing Jantzen Customer Registration process

Step 1: Register New Account / Existing Account Login Request

Click on the Register New Account (refer to the purple circle below) on the top left part of the homepage and you will be direct to the Register-Select Account Type. At this page, please select "Existing Jantzen Customer Customers" and click on the "Activate Existing Account"(refer to the red circle below)

Step 2: Fill in Existing Account Details

In this step, you need to fill in your existing account details. The details request from this page is to make sure our side search the right account before convert your account to online. After fill in all the details, please click on "continue" button

Step 3: Existing Account Login Request sent 

This page shows that your reques has been successfully sent to our administrators. You will receive an email activation from us within 1 to 3 working days. If you do not receive any email within 3 days, kindly contact us at 1300 88 1313 or email us hello@cupwater.com